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Collab OC: Lal
Bio: Lal
Nickname: The Real Digital Monster, Lalzilla, The Great Destroyer, and Girlfriend to Tatiana
Age: 2 days old
Personality: She is a robot girl from the Digimon world. A New version of Andromon called Sexy Androwomon. Anyways she was once a robot who was only capable of loving another male Andromon. But thanks to a certain Renamon. She's now a bi-sexual who loves to grow, become destructive, act like a monster, and do things to any building to make herself more powerful. Because of Tatiana. Lal is known throughout the digital world as Lalzilla. So beware of her.
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: In Machine City of the digital world where the Andromon are created
Currently Living: She lives anywhere in the world with her gf Tatiana.
Hair: She has long robotic like silver hair that reaches to her upper back and the front part touching the sides of her face
Eyes: She has pink eyes
Body: She has a very sexy body as she has GG cup breasts, a big basketball size butt and her body being a
:iconcatriamflockentanz:CatriamFlockentanz 2 7
three styles of sparkling eyes by CatriamFlockentanz
Mature content
three styles of sparkling eyes :iconcatriamflockentanz:CatriamFlockentanz 2 6
Unfortunate coincidence
(This is John Sinclair Fan-Art. From ------------ to ------------ it's almost original text from Jason Dark's "Geisterjäger John Sinclair: Assungas Hexensturm" save for the thing that I translated it from german to english...)
Elaine stuck the knife across between her teeth and ducked deeper before she crawled up to the edge of the flat roof.
From this side,she had a perfect view over the garage yard,which belonged to the area of the supermarket. She remained lying on the stomach and listened.
Yes,she was not mistaken,there were the harsh noises of steps to hear that previously hit her ears and had forced her to this action. And now she saw the person,whose step echoes so sounded that loudly. She reached a lantern and for a moment she was into it's glow so she was good to see...
It was a woman. She was wearing a coat,tha
:iconcatriamflockentanz:CatriamFlockentanz 2 31
Unglueckliche Fuegung
(Dies ist John Sinclair Fan-Art. Von ------------------- bis ------------------- ist es (fast) Originalwortlaut aus Jason Darks "Geisterjäger John Sinclair: Assungas Hexensturm")
Elaine klemmte den Messergriff quer zwischen ihre Zahnreihen und duckte sich noch tiefer,bevor sie bis zum Rand des flachen Dachs vorrobbte.
Von dieser Seite aus hatte sie einen perfekten über den Garagenhof,der zum Gelände des Supermarktes gehörte. Sie blieb auf dem Bauch liegen und lauschte.
Ja,sie hatte sich nicht geirrt,es waren die harten Geräuche von Schritten zu hören,die bereits zuvor an ihre Ohren gedrungen waren und sie zu dieser Handlung gezwungen hatten. Und jetzt sah sie auch die Person,deren Schrittechos so laut klangen. Sie erreichte eine Laterne und geriet für einen Moment in ihren Lichtschein so das sie gut zu erkennen
:iconcatriamflockentanz:CatriamFlockentanz 1 0
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"Ich habe gerade 2 Minuten Zeit, also: Bitte sagen Sie mir alles was sie wissen."

"I have about 2 minutes time right now, so: Please tell me everything you know."

Pretty the same than the ast journal, I know.



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